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Bosque Buds CBD is a legal licensed business that sells organic hemp CBD products. 

Here at Bosque Buds we are passionate about offering clean organic products to the public. We believe everyone should have affordable access to plant medicines, especially ones that have a lot of research and history backing up their benefits like Cannabis. 

It goes deeper with us when creating products for the public.


We have high respect for the spirit and energy of Cannabis and other plants we use to make our products. We play certain frequencies when making our products believing these beneficial frequencies will attach to the plants amazing energy and then to you! The power of energy and frequency is strong and is an important part of creating anything in this reality including hemp products.

We make sure all of our CBD products are clean and organic.

Hemp Farms must first go through a thorough approval with Bosque Buds by offering lab results providing their organic farming practices. They also must provide a third party test on all their hemp flowers to prove potency and organic quality. Then we do a third party test on our final product to assure its quality and potency. All of our COA test results are offered on our webpage at the bottom where it says “COA's / 3rd PARTY TEST”.

“We provide to our customers the type of quality we would want for ourselves, amazing organic quality!”

-Perfecto Cordova

Co-founder of Bosque Buds



Most cannabis products are still produced with harmful toxins and traces are most likely still present after flushing. Our immune system is activated by toxic invaders that shouldn't be in our bodies. This is one of our natural defense mechanisms and is necessary for survival. But our immune system is not meant to be on overdrive 24/7 like it is now. An immune system on overdrive weakens over time and this is when illness can happen. With all the toxins we're exposed to now, our immune system needs all the help we can give it. One way is to go organic so we're not exposing our bodies to toxins that add more stress but instead help keep it functioning and healthy.